The simplest designs can be the most moving, and that certainly is the case with Alberto Vasquez’s “Flow” project. Inspired by a lack of public lighting, in countries and places without access to the power grid, Vasquez came up with an elegant LED Bamboo street light.

"Flow" - Public Lighting made up of bamboo and powered by coastal breezes

Originally made for the seaside city of Cartagena, Colombia, Flow takes advantage of local resources – it’s made up of bamboo and powered by coastal breezes. Not only is it making the city safer when the sun goes down, it’s also good for the planet as the lamp biodegrades except for a handful of electronics (LEDs, wires and dynamo).

"Flow" - Public Lighting made up of bamboo and powered by coastal breezes

‘Flow’ is a bamboo-made, self maintaining public lighting which operates on the principle of vertical wind turbine. The whole lamp disintegrates in nature except for the electronics – LEDs, wires and dynamo – which after time can be recycled without down-cycling. Due to the simple junctions and mechanics, it can also be produced by the local unskilled workforce.


"Flow" - Public Lighting made up of bamboo and powered by coastal breezes

The light sources situated at the ends of the windblades can form continuous lighting surface or slow, waving movements and play of light, depending on the speed of the rotation. Due to its spiral form, the lamp can hold the wind from every direction.

"Flow" - Public Lighting made up of bamboo and powered by coastal breezes

The main reason?

Solving local problem with local resources 

“The object was mainly designed for the Colombian coasts. I am Colombian as well and I was inspired by a problem that I experienced in Cartagena – a coast-wise city in Colombia. The coast side of the city is busy and safe by day, but in the night it is abandoned and dangerous due to the lack of public lighting, as the grid cannot be transmitted to the shores”, explained Vasquez.


Alberto Vasquez is a young designer and entrepreneur, founder of IgenDesign, a collective of impassioned designers, researchers and strategists with an entrepreneurial approach eager to upset the status quo on the playground regardless of category or industry.

Alberto’s Hungarian-Colombian origin gives a deeper cultural understanding and a profound social sensibility to the studio. Alberto’s vision for IgenDesign has been to deliver design that can make a sustainable change on people’s behaviour for a preferable future.

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