Perhaps you’ve had enough of mason jars? Maybe everything you own is now some dramatic shade of gray, and maybe, just maybe, you have enough burlap around your home to start your own potato sacking business. Fear not, 2015 is chock full of fabulous new ideas for your humble abode. A recent stroll revealed to us a full spectrum of fabulous new ideas for home, and guess what? Not a single burlap-covered, gray mason jar in sight.

So let’s see our list of the best home trends for 2015 🙂

Muted Pastels

Home Trends for 2015

While pastels are generally synonymous with spring, this year they’re taking on a new spin. With a matte, not glossy, finish, don’t be surprised to see these popping up on everything from dinner flatware to office décor.

Geodesic Design and Facets

Home Trends for 2015

Our favorite trend for 2015 is this clean-edge style seen on everything from pendant lighting. Feel free to retire your chevron—no really, it’s time—and bring this geometric look home. A perfect marriage of graphic and interior design, facets give otherwise flat objects a multidimensional feel and exude a modern aura.

Tassels and Fringe

Home Trends for 2015

Often overshadowed by patterns and prints, these flirtatious accents are taking center stage in 2015. Be it on your new favorite throw pillow or that chic new shower curtain, tassels and fringe add texture and flair to everyday items.

Jewel Tones

Home Trends for 2015

As we slowly bid adieu to neons, we’re seeing a surge in saturated jewel tones—emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst. These regal hues add instant warmth and sophistication to any space and bonus—you don’t have to wear sunglasses to look at them.

Touchable Textures

Home Trends for 2015

For traditional homes, white marble (think Calacatta), rustic wood, and linen are having a serious moment. For modern aesthetics, it’s all about mixed metals. Combining warmer tones like rose gold or copper, with cooler metals allows for a layered, multidimensional feel.

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