Who doesn’t love vintage architecture? The two are better than one.  Vintage architecture is what you need in your life right now and what’s more to love than the selection we’re going to show you? Stay tuned and keep reading!

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What to Look For

Vintage architecture is a must. In this case, baked tiles are a must-have in your vintage architecture. This charming characteristic is a common sight in villages. They not only add beauty to your home as well, they make your home visually bigger.


What to Look For In Vintage Architecture What to Look For In Vintage Architecture

Jaalis is a show-stopper in vintage house design. Illuminating your home with natural light as well creating air flow these beautiful patterns still ensure the privacy of your home.


The clean, subtle line of this vintage style create the quality and character that defines who you are.

What to Look For

What you need to look for in a vintage home are the open spaces. They bring warmth and comfort to your place making you never want to leave this place.

What to Look For

Wood creates the perfect blend of beauty and strength, giving an unforgettable first impression to you vintage decor.

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