Grab your agenda and plan your days off, because you cannot afford to miss the event of the year – Luxury Design And Craftsmanship Summit 2018!

Embrace yourselves! One of the most important design events of the year is just around the corner and you need to be up-dated with the latest gossip!
Oporto is a beautiful city, and on the last years it has been the center of attention of tourists. This year, it is going to be more than that!

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The Earth without ‘Art’ is just ‘Eh’!

Oporto is going to be the city host of one of the most wanted events of the year that will join together all the elements to discuss what’s new in the luxury business. It is an event organized by the Portuguese group, Covet and it is going to happen this month, on the 20th and the 21 st!


The whole point of this event is to give new perspectives of luxury branding and to observe the most innovative practices of luxury design industries as the main element of the growth and elevation of national design and craftsmanship.

“We want to celebrate and honor the craftsmanship and every single person who creates soulful pieces with their own hands.”


Oporto is a city known for its heritage, the proud of its roots, and its craftsmanship. The event will occur in a building design by the famous Portuguese Architect, Siza Vieira, called Multiusos de Gondomar.


Leaf Gilding – Used by the Covet Group’s Brands in the top-selling pieces, this luxury business used the leaf gilding that refers to a decorative technique for applying fine gold leaf to solid surfaces such as wood, stones or metal with a thin coating of gold. A very complex technique that is mastered by the master artisans.

Filigree – As the holding place of the Luxury and Design Summit, Gondomar is known for its skilled art in Filigree. As one of the Filigree Capital of Europe, this will, of course, be a highlight of the whole event with a strong live showcase.

Azulejo and Arraoilos – Traditional Portuguese Arts & Crafts are going to be a highlight as well! Azulejo is a form of painted tin-glazed ceramic tile work that is primarily seen in the streets and homes of Portugal. Protected by law, this art form is protected by law. Arraiolos rugs and tapestry is one of the most traditional products of Portugal. Inspired by Persian Carpets, this traditional art consists of rugs made of embroidered wool with some amazing patterns.

Within the textile arts, you’ll be able to see a live showcase of Embroidery and the Lace of Bilros. So what is this deal about Lace of Bilros? Well, according to mydesignagenda, “This lace is produced by the successive crossing or interspersed of textile yarns, executed on the pike and with the aid of pins and bobbins.” Bonus info: The Portuguese Government started several programs aimed to protect this art form!

New Info! The Speakers

kuxury design and craftmanship summit 2018

We have two more confirmed speakers! Drum rolls…

Portuguese Luxury and Watchmaking Association – a relevant speaker in this summit, this a private company that represents approximately 60% jewellery production in the North of Portugal where this incredible summit will be held. Strong advocates of Craftmanship and Luxury Design, this first edition of the luxury summit will be the one to not miss!

Storytailors –  One of Portugal’s most iconic Fashion Designers & Brands, the Summit will count with João Branco and Luiz Sanchez – the leaders and main creators of the fashion studio. Following the principles of handmade and the craftmanship nature, they combine the best of both worlds in their collections.

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