Maison et Objet recognised French Designer Pierre Charpin as Designer of the Year for the fair’s January edition, which is only a few days away. If you’re one of the many people heading to Paris next week for the tradeshow, let us introduce you to Charpin’s work first!



IDEAT, ID-PORTRAIT DESIGNER, Pierre Charpin à son atelier, Ivry sur Seine

M&O names a designer of the year for both January and September fairs. Designer, artist and scenographer Pierre Charpin was the one recognised for the fair’s January 2017 edition, regarding his vast portfolio of work across a number of the world’s leading brands. 

Maison et Objet: A Look Inside Designer of The Year Pierre Charpin

Kiko / Pipo / Alex Galerie kreo © Sylvie Chan Liat

Described by Maison&Objet as “an explorer at heart”, Charpin has collaborated with the likes of Alessi, Hermès, Ligne Roset and Hay. “Pierre Charpin keeps his eye for plastic arts and stamps his unique style on every piece he designs – formal simplicity, softened by curved lines and often highlighted by distinctive chromatic choices,” said Maison&Objet.

Charpin was born in 1962 in the outskirts of Paris to a family of artists. He trained at the Bourges School of Fine Arts and worked alongside various figures from the Memphis Group. Since the early 1990s, Charpin has pursued a variety of material research projects, as well as a number of high-profile commissions. He now lives in Paris and works in Ivry-sur-Seine.

At the fair, the chosen designer showcases their work in a space entirely designed by and dedicated to them. In his self-designed space, Charpin will present a number of products he has created throughout his career, including the PC lamp he developed over a three-year period with Sebastian Wrong.


PC lamps. Photograph © Pierre Antoine

The lamp – made up of a round polycarbonate head, and an aluminium base and arm – first launched in Milan this year but has since been adapted into various models.

Other projects by the French designer include a chair for Cinna that is split up into blocks and a colourful refit of an apartment inside Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse.  Click the narrow to check more projects!


Maison et Objet: A Look Inside Designer of The Year Pierre Charpin

Slice – Reedition Cinna 2016 © DR