Today, I’m gonna present to you three types of table lamps that bring a modern and luxury style like no other, each one in their one way!

Take a look:

Lighting collection by Le Deun Luminaires
For Jean-Luc le Deun, photographer and founder of Le Deun Luminaires, the forces of light and dark have always been a matter of art– the medium has simply changed. Where light was once an integral ingredient in the outcome, it now takes center stage as final product.
Table Lamp Le Deun Luminaires 2
Each Le Deun fixture is eye-catching in its geometric form. But, more than that, each uses only LEDs and is dimmable. It’s a well-designed, low-energy lighting option that you can feel proud displaying for more than one reason.
Table Lamp Le Deun Luminaires 3

Table Lamp Le Deun Luminaires 4
Dimmable LED table lamp providing direct and indirect light, perfectly calibrated to provide a soft warm glow.
All of Le Deun Luminaire’s models are designed and manufactured in France, at their head office in central Paris. Steel circle and base available in three different powder coated finishes; red, white and black. Also available online in a variety of metallic finishes, with larger sizes of diameter 60, 90, 120 or 180 cm available upon request.

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Enso Lamp by Laokoon Company
Enso Lamp
Moving textile, moldable lamp: Enso Lamp by Laokoon Company can be freely shaped, thanks to Laokoon, a flexible fabric developed in Hungary by Szentirmai-Joly Zsuzsanna, described as “strips, woven or laced, [that] slide over each other, enabling the formation of unique two- or three-dimensional shapes and forms.”
Enso Lamp 2

Enso Lamp 3

Classics lighting collection by B.lux
Classics by B.lux
The designer lighting manufacturer B.lux has launched its Classics collection, consisting of revamped versions of its iconic lamps. In these updated versions B.lux has opted for attractive finishes that spotlight the quality of the materials used in their production, and adapted them to new sustainable light sources, such as LEDs.
Classics by B.lux 02
The Classics collection is made up of the Regina, Bluebird and Olympia lighting programs. Designed by Jorge Pensi in the 1980s, these were the first polished aluminium lamps on the market, setting a trend that would spread during the following years.

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