Modern Art and Cool Lamps

Modern Art and Cool Lamps is the perfect motto for amazing lamps. The result of that mix is a unique and modern lighting and you will love those lamps with such a big touch of creativity and genius. Cool lamps are always pieces of art with different light fixtures but with a lot of personality. A modern home lighting is pretty easy with those lamps because they are absolutely original and have always a mix between contemporary lighting and design which gave them a unique personality.

If you want a cool lamp ad you love moder art, please take a look at those examples and have fun! Get inspired!

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Liquid Lamp from Kouichi Okamoto

Cool lamps inspired in modern art 

Love the Liquid Lamp and the effect of a red liquid, almost seems blood. It’s an amazing for a minimal decoration to give an original touch.

Cosmo from Delightfull

Cool lamps inspired in modern art 

Cosmos is absolutely imposing and I can’t stop looking at it, it’s amazing and love the combination in black, white and golden.

F*uck you from Andrea Maestri

Cool lamps inspired in modern art

Are you in shock? Me too! That’s the most irreverent lamp that I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible not to look at it and be in shockbut it’s a great lamp if you think that your bedroom or living room are boring.

Gun Table Lamp from Philippe Starck

Cool lamps inspired in modern art 

Gun Table Lamp is amazing, discreet and original, it is the perfect choice for a creative table lamp. Just love it!

The Light Drop from Rafael Morgan

Cool lamps inspired in modern art

 Look at the effect, it’s totally amazing change water for light and use the effect “Light Drop”.

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