Top vintage desk lamps

Well, for me something required to accompany my reading is a lamp. I love the feeling of the focus light from the lamp. It just makes you think that there’s nothing more surrounding you, but your mind flowing with those words in that dry and yellow paper!

This post is not only for sleepy people or workaholics. Who never wished for thar perfect lamp for the bedroom, work area or reading corner? For you that have never found that special desk lamp, don’t give up.

For you to have a perfect reading and light combined you need a Vintage lamp! Take a look at our suggestions and get inspired!

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The Design Society

Best vintage desk lamps 

A highly functional task lamp with styling inspiration taken from the 1930′s. Combine light and design are always a challenge but here is a great example to show that it’s possible.


Best vintage desk lamps

An action book is usually associated to a man reader, and naturally, it has to pass the message of a lamp who must be strong, dashing and at the same time, secure.


Best vintage desk lamps

Look at Billy! It seems like it was created by Pixar and used on a kids movie but no, Delightfull takes its best shot and created Billy with an extensible arm. It’s so original and cool, love it!

Ben de Lisi

Best vintage desk lamps

“Just call me maybe!” could be the code message to turn on the light. How cool is it to have a phone and a lamp on the same object? I think it is pretty cool and would love to have one, vintage lighting is such a trend.

Maciek Wilkos

Best vintage desk lamps

Green and gold are sucha a perfect combination! So rustic and vintage, table lamps like that are the best for your office and give a touch of industrial lighting.

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