Offices with an industrial interior design touch

Offices with an industrial interior design transport us to a all different environment. These spaces can have a heavy air or a more relaxed vibe as you’ll see in our gallery .

Either company offices or home offices can have that twist of industrial style and mesmerize us. Let’s start taking a look at some home offices decor!

Wooden materials and brick walls give a unique look to any room, along with that beautiful worked ceiling.

We can use lighter tones to give an office a more relaxed vibe.

Bronze details and wooden or steel shelves complement that industrial look.

Now, let’s finalize by taking a look at some interesting companies offices!

Offices with an industrial interior design touch

Lighting is an important part of these industrial interior designs…

In the left, the contrast is key and these black ceiling lamps take an important role in the room. In the right, the focus is on the colorful floor lamp that brings some life to the space. This last contemporary floor lamp is from DelightFULL.

Office 44 industrial decor with very clean lines and a nature inspiration.


Source: Pinterest

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