Summer, vacations, and friends. It is the perfect combo, but if we add a vintage pool party … it gets even better! See how you can organize your own!

Summer is the favorite season of everyone, and it is easy to get why. Warm weather, vacations, friends and family gathered, and, of course, lots of parties! Vintage style is back, and a vintage summer pool party seems the perfect idea for a Sunday’s afternoon, and evening. Continue scrolling to see how you can put up a pool party, effortlessly and without spending too much!

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Organize Your Own Vintage Pool Party!

First of all, let’s talk about the vintage pool party décor! Probably, you are thinking that you’ll need to spend lots of money, but forget that idea! There are several accessories – pretty cheap ones – that you can buy and reuse them in a future pool party! These one were our top picks! If it is a girly pool party, do not be afraid to add pink everywhere! Flowers, cute pool floats, balloons, and, of course, some food or else your guests will starve!

Organize Your Own Vintage Pool Party!

vintage pool party

Vintage design is about mixing different colors and textures. Summer and fur pillows? No problem! This is another great example of how you can also reuse some of your home interior décor and bring it outside to create the most summer iconic pool party! Vintage pool floats are very trendy, nowadays, and you can find them in the shape of almost everything!

vintage pool party

Our favorite ones are the ones in the shape of fruit. Fruits like pineapples, watermelons, lemons and oranges are very in! The best part is that you can rest with style in the pool and, of course, you can take some pretty nice shots with your girls!

vintage pool party


vintage pool party

Still about the décor, if you do not want to spend any money at all, you can do a lot of vintage accessories! Look at this beautiful jar with flowers! Cut the pineapple to serve it to your guests, and use the rest to put some flowers!

vintage pool party

Your grandparents probably have retro accessories that will look amazing! And if the radio still works, let it roll!

Now, let’s talk about a very important subject: drinks! It’s summer and you do not want to leave your guests thirsty, right? Do some natural fruit juices and put some ice!

A vintage party without fresh lemonade would not be the same! These jars are screaming vintage style! And they are so cute that we cannot resist them!

Last, but not least, the clothes! You are probably thinking “It is a pool party, what can I wear besides a bikini or a swimsuit?”.
Yes, that is correct, however choose wisely your vintage swimsuit or bikini!

These ones are the perfect example of how a vintage swimsuit should be! And if it has spots, well, it is already a winner! You can also something do something vintagy to your hair!

A pool party, however if you only want to chill and not swim, you can add some vintage and quirky accessories! Pretty much everything is allowed!

Now, it is time to chill and enjoy the sun, summer, vacation in the company of your best friends!

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