Pastel Decor is the old trend that gives new life to your house!

Pastel Decor is one of the top trends of this year. You can see it in fashion, food, gadgets (yes, gadgets), design, and of course, in decor. This fun trend will give light and pops of color in your mid-century vintage house.

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Pastel Decor Light Up Your House! (2)

While we love our bolds and brights, we really have a soft spot for lighter, feminine pastels. There’s just something so delicate and lovely about a touch of pink, mint and that soft pale yellow that we just can’t resist.

Pastel Decor Light Up Your House! 4

The pastel colors are particularly light shades of blue, pink, green, citrus yellow and light purple. Also, light orange or coral colors and light shades of turquoise are pastel colors. These colors not only reflect the softness of the spring/summer season, but also the optimism that comes with it. These trendy colors are connected with the renewal and the fresh green of new buds and foliage of the trees and white blossoms of trees.

Pastel Decor Light Up Your House!

You can combine pastel colors with gold elements like chandeliers, frames or even little details that make the difference. Brubeck Round is such a great piece for any pastel room. Brubeck mid-century modern chandelier is inspired by one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz: Dave Brubeck. This unique lighting design represents the sophistication and finesse of the American jazz pianist, displaying a very luxurious feeling.

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Pastel colors are so versatile that you can suit this trend in any room of your house. A pastel decor is a nice choice in case you’re looking to give a brighten up, feminine and softer look to your vintage bedroom design.

Pastel Decor Light Up Your House! 2

You can use pastel colors to create a calm, relaxing and uplifting atmosphere in your home. As I said before, it’s so versatile that you can suit this trend even in your kitchen. Again, DelighFULL provides us with the perfect lamps that suit in the pastel decor. Galliano pendant lamp features a modern, sleek design that will complement the decor in any setting. Up to 5 tubes and with a structure tailor-made in steel, Galliano produces a unique and gorgeous lighting effect.

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