According to the opinion of some interior designers, we can concluded that lighting is one of the key points of the decor.

As such, Vintage Industrial Style presents some types of lighting design that can make your room a unique and exclusive space.

Led lighting

As any homeowner will tell you, lighting is also a huge expense. Wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, spot lights; they’re beautiful but they drink your electricity like water. With modern energy efficient LED bulbs, you can have stunning ambient lighting that stands the test of time and is sparing with your energy. LED lights from style conscious suppliers like Lampwise can transform your home’s interior in an instant, but what is it that really makes them so special?

Changing Lighting Dynamics

‘Green’ is the hottest home style of the 21st century. The past decade has seen a shift in the way we live and the way we buy; we’re taking strides to live a greener lifestyle in all elements of our life and now it’s impacting on our interior design. The dynamics of the lighting market are evolving to reflect the booming demand for long life, low energy bulbs from both the domestic and commercial market.

Led lighting

Timeless Lighting Trends

Traditional bulbs need to be constantly replaced for their glow to effectively accentuate our homes; a one-time investment in a LED bulb can see your rooms well lit for over a decade. The life expectancy of a LED bulb is around 100,000 hours, which means if you leave your living room lamp lit for 8 hours a day, every day it would take around 20 years for the bulb to die.

Led lighting

Saving Money Without Sacrificing Style

LED bulbs live longer because they are more sparing with the energy they absorb, they boast around 80%-90% efficiency when compared with traditional bulbs so the majority of the energy absorbed is being converted into exactly what you want (light) and not what you don’t want (excess heat).

With a traditional bulb, the majority of the energy you’re paying for is wasted, which means your twinkling lights come at an excessive cost, but with LED bulbs you have the effect of beautiful lighting at a fraction of your monthly spend.

Led lighting

Sustainable Style

We’re moving forward in leaps and bounds to live a greener lifestyle, and as with any lifestyle change it starts at home. LED bulbs are sustainably manufactured so they have a significantly lower impact on the environment from day one; they are free from toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable so when the day comes that you do have to change bulbs you know your LEDs won’t end up in a landfill. By investing in one LED bulb you can effectively save the materials required to produce 25 traditional light bulbs which allows you to shed Green light both inside and outside of your home for years.

Led lighting

Versatile Fashion

LED bulbs allow you to fluidly build up the light within your property, giving you complete control of your interior illumination. LED bulbs can be combined together to produce stunning configurations and shapes, so you have effective illumination as well as unique lighting structures. They are ideal for setting the mood within individual rooms, from cosy and demure living rooms to enigmatic kitchens. They allow you to focus your light without the need for reflective surfaces to disperse it around a room, giving you the versatility to create ideal light within any environment.

Led lighting

LED bulbs are the future of interior and exterior lighting, they are the perfect marriage of style and sustainability that can bring your home seamlessly into the 21st century.