In just a few days for the celebration of Nina Simone’s birthday, Vintage Industrial Style decided to travel back in time with Simone Lighting Family!

It’s impossible not to know the work of Nina Simone! And “I am feeling good” about the fact of presenting Simone Lighting Family, created by DelightFULL’s design studio time, in a tribute to the jazz and blues major singer! Continue scrolling and discover everything about it!

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Simone Lighting Family is Going to Rock your World … and Home Décor!

Eunice Kathleen Waymon, as known as Nina Simone, was a major jazz and blues American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and activist in the civil rights movement. Of course, this great figure couldn’t pass unnoticed to DeligthFULL’s design studio, so the mid-century brand inspired by the jazz industry, decided to do a tribute and a create a lighting family inspired by Simone! Continue scrolling to meet all the members!



Simone Lighting Family is Going to Rock your World … and Home Décor!

Simone Floor Lamp can be considered the ‘father’ of this majestic mid-century lighting design family, due to its personality that flows all over your home décor! With a contemporary twist, however with the feeling that you can travel in time back to the classic years of the fifties and sixties!

simone lighting family

It’s the perfect piece to pair up with mid-century furniture and create the most sophisticated and cocktail looking living room to receive your family and friends and have a memorable night!

simone lighting family

Actually, mid-century style is back on track and it’s one of the top trends for 2019, and we think you don’t want to loose the chance to do a home redecoration with the best lighting fixtures! The floor lamp will be your best friend on winter nights or days that you rather stay in and enjoy a nice book!

The mid-century floor lamp is handmade in brass and aluminum, and you can customize the piece! Choose another color, finish, size, and number of shades and add your special touch to Simone lamp! You can also choose the base of the lamp to be in marble! The floor lamp has three adjustable shades, so you can redirect the light. The perfect reading lamp, don’t you think?


The good news is that Simone is also available in a suspension version. This chandelier will add a special glow to your days and nights!

The lamp also has a red cord, however you can change the color.

The standard version has three adjustable shades, however you can add more, and you can display the lamps as you wish!


There is also a wall version of Simone Family! Forget the idea that wall lamps have to be small, this one will illuminate your entire living room!

We hope you enjoyed meeting this family, and you can celebrate the singer’s birthday on the 21st of February by purchasing one of the lamps inspired by her!

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