Do A Sinatra Tour While In New York For AD Show 2019

Because AD Show is around the corner, let’s do a tour through one of the biggest inspirations that will make a statement there!

Today we are here to do a Sinatra Tour through the places that inspired him in New York, so you have somewhere to go while in AD Show 2019. It is virtually impossible to write anything about Frank Sinatra without highlighting not only his extensive and successful career but his profound life. He was a man who was all at once loved by millions, but was also hounded by both the FBI and the IRS- bad boy! Throughout it all, Frank Sinatra never settled for anything less than being the ultimate showman. Hope this helps you to decide where to go during the Architectural Digest show.


P.J. Clarke’s Saloon

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The legendary New York vintage style tavern on Third Avenue was a well-known haunt of Frank Sinatra. It was not unusual to find him there after performing at so many famous locales around New York City.

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At the time, the owner of P.J. Clarke’s, Danny Lavezzo was a personal friend of the entertainer, who seemed to prefer that his famous clientele wasn’t sought after for autographs; but this would not stop a personality like Sinatra, who was said to give some performances above the sounds of the jukebox.

915 Third Avenue, New York, NY, USA 


Paramount Theater

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We should call this the Sinatra in New York travel guide– that’s a great name for a best selling book! Smack-dab in the centre of Times Square, the Paramount was located on Broadway and 43rd Street and was considered one of the biggest and most prestigious big band venues in the country. It featured other iconic acts such as the Pied Piper Quartette, the Stepping Stars of Harlem, and comedian Red Skelton.

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Already a rising star at the time, this is where Sinatra made his first appearance with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and his career from that point forward took off like a skyrocket. It is said at least five thousand people showed up to see ‘The Voice That Has Thrilled Millions.’ Here is the perfect place to find one of the best interior lighting design.

Central Park

While performing at what was known, at the time, as a War Bond Rally in Central Park, Frank Sinatra appeared at an event entitled ‘I’m an American Day,’ and brought the wide-eyed onlookers in the park to a standstill with his version of ‘God Bless America.’

Central Park, New York, NY, USA 

Waldorf Astoria Hotel

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At the time, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel was already revered as the largest and most glamorous hotel in the world. Aside from being considered the very pinnacle of the American dream, the hotel was famous for its very exclusive acts, which were performed in The Wedgwood Room. Was also known for the amazing interior lighting design and the fact that the decor looked like a vintage home design.

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Among the many performances Sinatra gave at the Waldorf, one of his most iconic was during the 50th anniversary of the hotel’s construction. Normally reserved for New York’s most posh, Sinatra jammed The Wedgwood Room with three hundred of his die-hard fans, for, at the time, the cover charge was a whopping two dollars. This is a hell of a place to visit while you’re in Architectural Digest show.

Waldorf Astoria New York, 301 Park Avenue, New York, NY, USA

Carnegie Hall

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Another vintage industrial style place: Carnegie Hall. Frank Sinatra was no stranger to scandal and inquisitive investigation. Carnegie Hall was hosting the World Youth Rally during a time in American history known as the ‘red scare.’ An infamous Marxist publication called ‘The Daily Worker’ had extended an invitation to Frank Sinatra to give a speech there during an event labelled ‘American Youth for a Free World’ in 1945.

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Though the FBI sent undercover agents to observe the rally, they made no mention about Frank Sinatra being in attendance; however, the International Workers Order published a number of pamphlets called ‘Thoughts of an American,’ where excerpts of Sinatra’s speech were printed.

Carnegie Hall, 881 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY, USA 

Wall Category

NBC Studios

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About midway through Sinatra’s career, it was said his velvety-smooth voice was losing its lustre. There were even some who claimed he was through. That was before Frank Sinatra launched his famous show ‘Meet Frank Sinatra,’ filmed live at NBC Studios. This is a very Instagram-worthy place to visit in AD Show 2019.

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Not only was Frank Sinatra able to silence his critics and naysayers, his career had what could only be called a profound resurgence, putting him back on top in both the music and movie worlds. Frank Sinatra continued to tour the world for decades to come and even took a bit of time to perform at the White House during Ronald Reagan’s inauguration.

NBC Studios, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY, USA 


You will actually be able to see Sinatra at AD Show 2019! With a brand new face, DelightFULL paid homage to the icon of music by making this mid-century inspired floor lamp. Make sure to pay a visit to Stand Covet, Stand 601|

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