Eureka Tower, by Jamie Zollo for Dean Phillips Architectural Lighting and Design
Feature lighting for a private residence in Melbourne’s Eureka tower.
Eureka Tower Melbourne
Jamie Zollo involvement included working with the lighting consultant to achieve a fully realised manufacturable solution for their concept range of art-deco lighting.
Eureka Tower Porcelain Chandelier
Hand cast porcelain tiles suspended from a bronzed washed brass frame.

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Eureka Tower Suspended Frame
Stained oak timber frame with brass detailing and glowing acrylic boxes.
Eureka Tower Wall Light
Stained oak timber frame with brass detailing and hand cast porcelain tile diffusers. Very art-deco!

Luxe Lounge, by Cloud9 Design Studio
Luxe Lounge approached Cloud9 with the task of designing a club like no other in Costa Rica.
Luxe Lounge
Inspired by Art Deco, the team combined a rich color-palette with special lighting effects, jagged lines, extravagant furniture, and lavish imagery to create a club with numerous ambiences where eclecticism is the only common denominator.
Luxe Lounge_2
Through this deliberate clash of spatial and visual elements, the club successfully embodies Luxe Lounge’s ambitious goal of setting a new standard for Costa Rican nightlife.
Luxe Lounge_3

Zverynets Str. Apartment, by Antonovich Katerina
Zverynets Str. Apartment
The interior of the apartment is made in a lightweight version of Art Deco with the inclusion of elements of different classical styles. The bright light spaces with a touch of bourgeois calm, restrained decor, clean lines of furniture, elegant lighting, natural materials – wood, leather, glass, pleasant to the touch texture of fabric (Alcantara, silk, velvet).
Zverynets Str. Apartment_2

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