Let me present to you the citizenM hotel in Rotterdam, Holland.
Designed by Rob Wagemans and his team at concrete they created a bold slice of luxury for those “mobile citizens of the world’.

Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-2 copy
Located near the Blaak train station and the Binnenrotte Market in the Gelderseplein area, the hotel’s central location is perfect for those traveling for business or pleasure.
The interior falls in line with citizenM’s signature black and red color scheme, complemented with fun, modern furnishings, that provide a sense of luxury while stripping away all hidden costs.
Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-3(1) copy
Concrete designed the helical, wooden staircase, which was manufactured by EeStairs, that ties in the black and wood elements of the massive, double-height bookcase in the space.
Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-5 copy Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-6a copy
Delightfull Catalogue Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-7 copy Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-9 copy
CanteenM is at the heart of citizenM and is surrounded by relaxing living, eating and drinking spaces, all with free Wi-Fi and fabulous cushions.
Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-10 copy Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-11 copy
The public spaces offer plenty of seating areas where you can hold a conversation with someone or you can people watch.
Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-12 copy Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-14 copy
CitizenM is naturally adventurous, exploring and soaking-up local culture like a sponge.
Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-15 copy Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-16 copy
Each guest room has a wall-to-wall, super-king size bed located under the window with a table that doubles as a desk.
Destin-citizenM_Rotterdam-hotel-17 copy

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