When the wanderlust starts to get unbearable, the heavy breathing, the itching in your feet you know you have to do just one thing to do: get a backpack ready, prepare and select your meals for the first days, remember to bring snacks and water and you are all set to conquer the unknown road.

Whether you are coming or leaving this are the most important places in the city, they usually breath life and they don’t really ever stop. Here you have a list of the best beautiful subway stations:

Best Beautiful Subway Stations

Komsomolskaya Station – Russia

Located at the intersection of three major rail hubs, this cathedral of trains is the gateway to Russia. If the vast dome, portico, Corinthian columns, Baroque details, and chandeliers don’t impress, then the mosaics surely will. The eight ceiling mosaics, designed by the legendary artist Pavel Korin, depict Russia’s heroes and finest victories.

Best Beautiful Subway Stations

Westfriedhof station light installation by Ingo Maurer – Munich Deutschland

Munich’s u-bahn subway system only began in 1972, but it has quickly grown into a 98 station system spread across the entire city. Due to its young age Munich had the advantage of learning from the mistakes of other systems creating spacious and efficient stations. While the first stations were quite plain, the architecture of its new stations is often quite daring.

Best Beautiful Subway Stations

T-Centralen Station – Stockholm Sweden

In “T-Centralen,” “T” is an abbreviation for “tunnelbana,” which in Swedish means “underground” or “subway.” The T-Centralen station is the core of the Stockholm Metro; that means it’s the only station in which all of the three lines (Tub1, Tub2, and Tub3) meet. As such, this subway station it’s the one with the highest traffic in Stockholm.

Best Beautiful Subway Stations

Formosa Boulevard Station – Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

Formosa Boulevard is a transfer station between the Red and Orange Line in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The station is famous for the “Dome of Light,” the world’s largest public art installation that comprises individual pieces of colored glass. Created by artist Narcissus Quagliata, the “Dome of Light” took just under four years to be completed and it was overseen by Quagliata himself.

Best Beautiful Subway Stations

Champ-de-Mars Station  in  Montreal, Canada

Champ-de-Mars Station opened in October 14th, 1966, as part of the initial subway network of Montreal. Situated in Old Montreal in the Ville-Marie borough, the station is now on the Orange Line of the Montreal Metro rapid transit system.

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