The JIVR Bike  The JIVR Bike The JIVR Bike Feature

Providing the benefits of cycling without the lifestyle compromises, the ‘JIVR bike’ from the self-named company, is an urban electric bicycle that folds, is chainless and is beacon-enabled. its state-of-the-art mechanical chainless drivetrain is encapsulated within the sculpted frame and can be used for regular pedaling whenever the user wants or when the battery runs out.

The JIVR Bike  The JIVR Bike The JIVR Bike

This 120V cell which can be fully energized in 90 minutes, can power the two-wheeler to between 16 – 20 mph (25 – 32 km/h) and to a maximum range of 20 miles (30 km). when arriving at a destination i.e. work, it can be folded up in four simple and ergonomic moves, into a compact package that can be easily wheeled around and stored.

The JIVR Bike  The JIVR Bike The JIVR Bike 2

The ‘JIVR’ bike is smartphone compatible enabling one to be plugged onto the handlebar. this allows the rider to view their distance traveled, how many calories burned and to navigate through a city using GPS. It also features ibeacon technology, powered by, which makes the bicycle interact with any smart devices – even the latest apple watch. find out more about the project via the company’s kickstarter campaign.

The JIVR Bike 3  The JIVR Bike The JIVR Bike 3

On a single charge, it can reach speeds of 16 – 20 mph and has a range of 20 mile. Below, a video courtesy of JIVR bike to see how this bike works, hope you enjoy 🙂

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