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Japanese Design is still one of the main trends of 2020! Are you ready to embrace this style? Continue reading! 

If we could sum up Japanese Design in one word it would definitely be: Zen. A place where you feel relaxed, calm and can reflect about what is really important in life. Clean lines, neutral colos, recycled and natural materials, sliding doors, and much more! Vintage Industrial Style‘s Blog will provide you 7 tips to add Japanese Style to your Home Décor!


7 Tips To Add Japanese Style To Your Home Décor!

Image Source: Out to See

“Japanese style evolves around clean and uncluttered living, holding tightly to balance, order, ancient customs and a love for natural beauty”.

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1)Add Elements of Natur in Your Japanese Style Inspired Décor

7 Tips To Add Japanese Style To Your Home Décor!

Japanese culture is all about the respect and love for Nature, so it’s time to bring a little bit of the outside to the the inside of your house. If you want, you can add traditional Japanese plants such as bomsai or bamboo, that will definitely add a special touch to the environment. Another way of bringing the outside inside is through large and expansive windows or sliding doors – that are the must when speaking about japanese style!

2) Sliding Doors or Screens

7 Tips To Add Japanese Style To Your Home Décor!

Image Source:Dennis Mayer

Like we said before, Sliding doors are one of the top features of Japanese décor. You can also choose to go for the sliding screens – the idea is to create a big space where you can socialize. The Japanese culture usually had sliding screens, because the houses used to be small and it was a cheap way to have different rooms and privacy, when needed. One important thing about screens is that they di not block the natural lighting.

3) Natural Materials

7 Tips To Add Japanese Style To Your Home Décor!

Image Source: Custom Made

The texture of wood can pretty much be seen in any house in Japan. Natural Elements such as wood or plants are going to be one of teh number one trends for 2020.

4) Japanese Style Furniture

7 Tips To Add Japanese Style To Your Home Décor!

Image Source: Tim Clarke

“Most of Japan’s furniture is low to the ground, or when it comes to tea ceremonies, floor cushions usually forgo furniture. Mimicking this design aesthetic can be as simple as incorporating low-to-the-ground furniture into our homes, such as the simple side tables and bed frame featured in the image.”

5)Minimalistic Japanese Design

7 Tips To Add Japanese Style To Your Home Décor!

Image Source: Interiors By Darren James

As you might already understood, Japanese Design is all about neutral colors, clean lines and less furniture pieces. Open spaces are a must, and this one featured in the image is a great example of how you can mimic their minimalistic desing.

6) Open Space Rooms

7 Tips To Add Japanese Style To Your Home Décor!

“Everything should have a purpose and a place — nothing is out of order or lacking function”.


Ike Pendant Lamp would be a great choice for you Japanese style open space! This minimalistic pendant lamp is handmade in brass and aluminum by talented Portuguese artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces. You can customize it, and it would look fantastic above your kitchen island ! – where you can cook ans socialize at the same time!

7)Create a Meditating Space

7 Tips To Add Japanese Style To Your Home Décor!

Image Source: Konnitanaka

“Paint the room in calming greens or browns, add some live greenery, play some calming music and Voila! You have your very own, very Zen Japanese hideaway”.


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