Les enfants de la balle, by Studio Janréji
Les enfants de la balle copy
“Les enfants de la balle” is a wine bar, a bistro, brasserie whose interior design was done by Studio Janréji. The place has been around for 20 years, the mosaic floor, the high ceilings, moldings, mirrors reflected. It was refurbished in the 50’s, this time remain the great formica counter with his track copper and furniture.
Les enfants de la balle_6 copy Les enfants de la balle_4 copy Les enfants de la balle_3 copy Les enfants de la balle_5 copy Les enfants de la balle_2 copy

Bento bar by Studio Janreji
Bento bar by Studio JANREJI_3 copy Bento bar by Studio JANREJI_2 copy Bento bar by Studio JANREJI copy

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Dessance gourmet desserts bar, by Joseph Grappin
bar by Joseph Grappin
Located on the ground floor of a beautiful stone mansion in the Marais, the restaurant is bathed in light that enters through two large windows opening onto a courtyard. By respecting the existing structure and choosing to use natural raw materials, Joseph Grappin reworked and adapted the space, centering it on a tailor-made metal and wood arbor specifically designed in harmony with the foliage of the exterior garden. The space is laid out on two levels.
bar by Joseph Grappin_02 copy
bar by Joseph Grappin_03 copy

La Cave a Vin 9 wine bar by Cyrille Druart
Located in the very heart of Paris, in the ever-changing district of Les Halles, La Cave a Vin 9 offers a new vision of wine bars – high-end yet within reach.
La Cave a Vin 9 wine bar by Cyrille Druart
Despite being a relative small area, it is packed with technology: all lights are using LED, and most of the furniture is backlit and made of Corian. Materials used are raw and reflect the natural yet refined, inherent qualities of wine itself: polished concrete, stainless steel, natural stone, mirror and glass. One of this project’s innovative aspects is that the bar’s structure is made of UV-fused glass, raised by a backlit Corian top. This element, as well as the large abstract mural displaying spilled wine, sends a strong signal that is visible from the street.
La Cave a Vin 9 wine bar by Cyrille Druart_2 La Cave a Vin 9 wine bar by Cyrille Druart_3 copy La Cave a Vin 9 wine bar by Cyrille Druart_4 copy La Cave a Vin 9 wine bar by Cyrille Druart_5 copy

Designed by Cyrille Druart.

WikiBar, by Mathieu Lehanneur
WikiBar by Mathieu Lehanneur
Mathieu Lehanneur is responsible for the interior design of the WikiBar, the first of many, that will open its doors 4 rue de Bouloi in the 1st district in Paris. A simple as well as radical concept: to offer good and eco-responsible food fighting addressing the problem of pollution from packaging. This Wiki Food incorporates the natural principle of grapes: a sphere with an edible coating to protect the food. A principle adaptable to drinks, cream and from now onwards ice creams created in collaboration with Philippe Faure, the maestro of ice creams. Ice creams that do not melt in your hand are available in this first WikiBar!
WikiBar by Mathieu Lehanneur_2
Mathieu Lehanneur has created a decor symbolised by a mirror-light, an illuminating and reflective object formed of hexagons “a geometrical reference to the molecular structure of WikiPearl laminations. A graphic design and a matter of cookery demonstrations for this revolutionary concept.” A symbol of the approximation of science and design, a logical onward step for the designer who has regularly collaborated with Le Laboratoire since the production of “Andrea,” the air purification system through plants.
WikiBar by Mathieu Lehanneur_3
WikiBar by Mathieu Lehanneur_4

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