TRENDING: Faux fur all over the place!

Faux fur is starting to become a big thing this Fall/Winter season and we surely can see why… Nothing makes us feel comfier than being wrapped up in a fluffy faux fur blanket.

This trend began at the runways but shortly reached out to our homes!

We have to agree that this luscious material is really inviting. Besides the cozy opulence, designers use it to run a little from the cold contemporary design that we often see.

TRENDING: Faux fur all over the place!

There are a lot of uses that you can find to insert this trend in your house. Why not put some pillows on the couch or bed? Or maybe that so familiar and cozy blanket? It’s up to you… You can even opt for a natural color or go all the way and choose a pink or red faux fur.


Besides the classic use, you can play with the material and have it on chairs or side tables (like in the picture above). Just let your imagination fly!

Put a faux fur rug in your living room or bedroom, it will complete the ambiance and give the division a completely different vibe. Even in the bathroom, you can add something fury.

To achieve that cozy feeling this material is PERFECT! But careful, don’t go crazy on the fur…

A division only requires some details or a few elements to make it great! Use it wisely and everyone will feel like home at your house.


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