Vintage Furniture 5 Ideas to Your Living Room Feature

Vintage furniture is one of those things in the house which gains a lot of attention from guests. They are talking points, topics of communication, and as good communication is probably one of the most important skills in life, it’s good form to nurture it through the little things, like furniture talking points.  Communication aside, the furniture which you choose will represent your personality, taste and even values.  Check out our other 2015 trend articles:

Vintage Furniture 5 Ideas to Your Living Room

Lug those deck chairs in from your garden and plonk them in your living room.  I wouldn’t go this far but it’s pretty much the heart and essence of the trend.  Try to remain classy and do everything with a dash of sophistication so it looks like the chairs or tables are there purposefully, rather than the possibility that you’ve lost your mind or are using them as a temporary replacement.  Aged metals, glass, wicker and natural wood are popular options.

Vintage Furniture 5 Ideas to Your Living Room 2

Individuality is a big thing, and it seems to be something which the wealthy feed on through expensive personal customizations and products that only they have.  Customized made furniture can be extortionately expensive, but it can also be accessible and affordable enough to the average Joe.  Custom doesn’t have to mean expensive as all it takes is a person who creates these pieces as a passion, who isn’t as interested in huge profits, but rather takes pleasure in the joy of creating the piece.

Vintage Furniture 5 Ideas to Your Living Room 2

Enjoying a meal with friends and family is fine dining but why not make a statement to your family and friends at the same time with a unique dining room table. Embellishing your dining room with a standout furniture piece is a trend we have seen in recent exhibitions.

This striking wooden dining table feels like it could be straight from a knight’s banqueting hall yet the light wood tones and contrasting white chairs make this a modern day statement of style and class that also shows your guests the importance of environmental natural furnishings.

Vintage Furniture 5 Ideas to Your Living Room 2

With its distinctive brass doors and luxurious detailing, the Monocles sideboard looks like something straight out of The Spy Who Loved Me. In fact, Delightfull even used a framed portrait of Roger Moore in the official press photo. And why not? The Monocles sideboard looks like the perfect place to store your Martini accoutrements.

Vintage Furniture 5 Ideas to Your Living Room 2

If you’ve read some of our other trend articles, you’ll have seen that light toned woods are popular all around the house in 2015, therefore it’s no surprise that they’re making a triumphant statement in the furniture market.  We’re seeing high quality and durable light woods such as oak making a strong statement in the market.  The great thing about this trend is that it’s difficult to go wrong, as natural is beautiful and light toned woods can be used to craft any type of furniture.

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