These trends are coming back stronger than ever. We heard that Vintage is the new black!

What goes around comes back around; what was old is new again. So it goes with decorating and it’s vintage style trends. The hot new trends and styles we swore we’d never grow tired of eventually became eyesores, and we’re suddenly ready to trade all the shiny-and-new trends and tricks for the tried-and-true classics that our mamas – and their mamas – have long adored. Better still, some of those unique vintage decorating moves fit right in with the more contemporary styles we love, too, and they work together to create smart, layered looks that have plenty of personality and loads of charm. Here, we’ve rounded up five vintage interior design trends that are back—and better than ever.


Create a grand entrance

5 Vintage Style Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever

Make a killer first impression with a statement-making entry. There are plenty of other places in your home to focus on accessibility and comfort, so dial up the formality and pack a major style punch in smaller spaces that will see lots of traffic and plenty of visitors. This is only an example of how a vintage furniture decor will look like these days. A glossy red door and sleek console table keep the faux-marble floors from feeling stuffy, while the floor’s oversized pattern makes the narrow space feel larger.


Hang a big and luxurious chandelier

5 Vintage Style Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever (2)

5 Vintage Style Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever


These are pictures of the Botti Suspension Lamp from DelightFULL. Botti modern chandelier instantly takes us into a music concert starring Chris Botti. Although is a modern chandelier, it perfectly fits in a vintage room, as you can see here. This lamp has been included in many vintage lighting projects. Embrace old-school glamour in the dining room with an antique chandelier that throws and catches light in equal measure. Hang the chandelier sky-high above your table for a more modern feel, or pair it with more natural elements, like a seagrass rug, to dress it down.

Put collections on display

5 Vintage Style Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever


Whether you inherited silver from your great aunt or have racked up your own collection of oyster plates from your own antiquing adventures, it’s time to brush the dust off and pull them out of the cabinets in which you’re so carefully storing them. Like hand-me-down jewellery or family heirlooms, collections are meant to be seen and enjoyed, plus they’re instant character builders in any space. It’s time to pull that vintage style and rock it like no one else will.

Embrace dark wood

5 Vintage Style Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever (2) 5 Vintage Style Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever

If you’re suffering because you love wood but you don’t think it’s modern, don’t worry. As we told you earlier: Vintage is coming back! Dark wood panelling is swinging back into style. Whether it’s original to the home or something that’s added later, dark wood injects rooms with an old-soul warmth that’s difficult to replicate with paint alone. Let’s be honest, it has this vintage style but looks cooler than a lot of modern houses, right? Thank you! I’m glad you agreed with me!


Bring on the sumptuous fabrics

5 Vintage Style Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever (2) 5 Vintage Style Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever

Velvet, leather, linen: The good fabrics aren’t just for your ”don’t touch that!” rooms anymore. With all of the available stain- and-spill-proof treatments and high-end indoor/outdoor fabrics on the market these days, there’s no reason to save the luxe fabrics for the spaces you only use on special occasions. This reminds the sofas we used to see in our grandmoms home, but get what? This is vintage industrial style now and it actually looks pretty good.


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