Fashion Trends can come into play in the interior design realm. Today We will look into Womans Bright Color trends and see them aplied into interior color schemes. Fashion Color Trends These colors are set to be the trend for Womens Bright Colors for Spring 2014. They are Cerulean, Cobalt, Lime, Caution Yellow, Fuchsia,Cherry,Tangerine and Blood Orange. The word is probably derived from the Latin word caeruleus, “dark blue, blue or blue-green”, which in turn probably derives from caelulum, diminutive of caelum, “heaven, sky”. This color can be used with black or white due to its brighter hue. You can also use creamy colors or orange for pops. Fashion Color Trends 9 Cobalt Blue is a cool blue color made of the pigments made using cobalt salts of alumina. It is a color with a long history and it is very much seen in traditional ceramics, glass and jewelry. This color should be used along with white and beige. Fashion Color Trends 8 Lime is a color three-quarters of the way between yellow and green (closer to yellow than to green), so named because it is a representation of the color of the citrus fruit called limes. This acid color is ideal for eclectic pop environments, kitchens and living rooms. Mixed with dry tones and browns can make it one of the best colors. Fashion Color Trends 7 Caution Yellow is very vivid, use it to draw attention and create high contrasts. Goes very well with dark blues and ivory colors, ones that don’t draw as much attention. Fashion Color Trends 6 Fuchsia is a vivid purplish shade of red named after the flower of the fuchsia plant. This elegant color can be used with both black and white as an accent color. Add a splash of gold to give the interior even more elegance. Fashion Color Trends 5 Cherry is a deep to vivid reddish pink that is very much like blood orange in terms for presence, but with a sexier tone to it. The perfect color scheme to use with this color must contain creamy colors and very dark hues. Fashion Color Trends 4 Tangerine, is basically like orange. This is a strong color that draws a lot of attention by it self, it should be blended with some white to offset it and a blue to complement the color scheme. Fashion Color Trends 3 Finally, we have Blood Orange. Blood Orange, is a medium color, not to bright and not to dull. To complement this Blood Orange a color scheme should include some bright lime greens or blues and some dark orange browns. Don’t forget that these are just tips, color has no rules, so experiment and have fun doing it.