5 cool vintage lamps design

Vintage is the new trend and cool is always a trend! Design is the ingredient key for a unique combination. The result: a distinct and unique lighting for your home full of personality . You choose floor lamps, chandeliers, designer lighting or even your own light fixtures but design is always the essential touch. Cool lamps have that power: change an ambiance and give personality to it. So, sky is the limit and your most strange thoughts are possible. Take a look at our choice, those are our favorite 5 cool vintage lamps design. Get inspired and try to imagine which one you will choose, that’s not an easy task but it is possible. Love them all!

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Robot Lamp from Aesthetic Correlation

5 cool vintage lamps design

Love that robot and I think it will be perfect on a kids room with a touch of industrial lighting and a lot of originality. Your kids will love it!

Vintage Camera Lamp from Milan Bender

5 cool vintage lamps design

Perfect for a film and an amazing example of vintage lighting, with a little bit of magic and creativity. Black is always a good idea and with a touch of golden, it’s absolutely perfect.

Light Bulbs from Pieke Bergmans

5 cool vintage lamps design

Look at those lamps! Am I seeing the same that you? That’s so cool! I just want to know how they do that! It’s amazing and absolutely cool. I want them all.

Billy from Delightfull

5 cool vintage lamps design

Look at Billy! It seems like it was created by Pixar and used on a kids movie but no, Delightfull takes its best shot and created Billy with an extensible arm. It’s so original and cool, love it!

Phone Lamp from Ben de Lisi

5 cool vintage lamps design“Just call me maybe!” could be the code message to turn on the light. How cool is it to have a phone and a lamp on the same object? I think it is pretty cool and would love to have one.

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