Top Table Lamps Brands in the World

Today we are going to talk about the top table lamps brands around the world. There is so much variety of options with great designs for all tastes but i will just chose the best five for me.

Art et Floritude

Top Table Lamps Brands in the World

Hand making of decorative lights is the essence of Art et Floritude work. Inspired by 18th century, you’ll find flowery and leafy lights that remains popular throughout time.

Bert Frank


Bert Frank lights will age and mature with you. That’s right, the brass will soften and darken any knocks or scratches it may pick up over the years will add to its story. Bert Frank items are designed to oppose the throw away culture we live in today and are built to last at least as long as you will.



Calligaris is an Italian manufacturer of furniture and lighting, that creates eye catching lighting solutions for your contemporary home. This brand represents for those who choose it: a guarantee of quality and creativity at an accessible price, design that is contemporary, flexible, and intelligent.



Winner of Elle Decoration British Design Awards 2013, PINCH Design as a variety of options with cozy design for your home.

Pinch is the collaboration between husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon and their studio is located in Clapham, London



Delighfull lamps are a must have for any classy and vintage lover. Their unique lamps will enrich any living space. Delightfull is an european lighting brand that get inspiration in Vintage music & mid-century modern design lovers with a peculiar affection to 50’s recreations with its modern senses. It’s all about recreating the post-war era with the eyes and the hands in the future.

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