The Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Cologne! (1)

Feel The Vintage Style Pouring From The City!

In one of the most beautiful countries of Europe, a beautiful language and astounding history, are some of the best treasures to be found. In this case, the city of Cologne was the chosen one to bring you the very best news when it comes to your vintage tastes. Cologne, a city of dazzling beauty, brings you today the vintage furniture stores you need to visit right now!

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The Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Cologne! 1

Geliebte Möbel.

A perfect way to furnish your house, if you’re near Cologne you can always take a peek at what this vintage style store has in stock for you. Until not long ago, this was one of the few specials stores that had vintage furniture on a large scale. With a special collection of vintage home accessories, you can take a look at an enormous selection of decorative objects, tables, chair and wardrobes. Perfect for a retro enthusiast or a collector of all things vintage!

The Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Cologne! 3


Quite a charismatic name isn’t it? This vintage store is really a must. Located in an expansive old factory, in Ehrenfeld, this is the one you need to visit to have a sneak peek at the artistic displayed furniture. With a range of furniture, lighting and other decorative items, the store promises to make the delight of your eyes and mind.

The Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Cologne! 2


With a unique take on the vintage style, the name of the store says it all doesn’t it? A delighted take on the vintage style furniture, this vintage German shop brings along with the vintage home decor, authentic retro objects from the 50’s and 70’s. Why you absolutely need to visit this one: Every object, even though the selection is extensive, is hand-picked and the staff is always welcome to help you with your vintage needs!

The Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Cologne! 4


A small but lovely vintage store. Located in Ehrenfeld, this charming store has always something up its sleeve. The vintage furniture is always rearranged in different ways and patterns along with the most beloved vintage accessories such as books, lamps and others.

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The Best Vintage Furniture Stores in Cologne! 5

Waage Vier.

The close sister of GRÜNBLAUGRAU Intérieur, this store is unique in its own way. Tucked in a courtyard, even though its small is has stories to tell. Perfect for an afternoon out, just dig in the objects and try to make the most out of this small but lovely place!

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