The main  public at Vintage Industrial Style is from US and we consider important talk about the best galleries there! And you? Did you know the galleries below? Take a look!

1 – The Center for Architecture founded in New York City

best design galleries to visit in the USA

Is a place for people who love the built environment. It houses the American Institute of Architects New York and the Center for Architecture Foundation. The organizations are nonprofit, they provide resources to the public as well as the building industry professionals.

This gallery organizes exhibitions, programs, and special events. It aims to improve the quality and sustainability of the built environment. Connecting and improving the  design, construction, and real estate communities.

2 – Edward Cella Art + Architecture is placed in Los Angeles.

best design galleries to visit in the USA 2

It focuses on the art, design and architecture aspects. It moves topics such as: The Pattern, different phases of Venus, creative photography, portraits in air, sun body and many more. As we can see the themEs are going wild with their imagination. Let yourself be carried away with the emotions and this good madness the gallery carries.

3 – Gallery Hanahou in New York City & Brooklyn.

best design galleries to visit in the USA 3

It defines itself as a soul of artistic goods and curator of pop-up shows.The gallery wants to reach the viewer by apparel, original art, limited additional prints, art books, accessory and other items made with love for design.

4 – From San Diego with love, the Joseph Bellows Gallery.

best design galleries to visit in the USA 4

The gallery was founded in 1998. It contains rota rotating exhibitions concerning historic and contemporary works drawn from the gallery’s collection. Joseph Bellows focuses mostly on the American work.If you want to get to know the thinking, art and design of America this is the place that you should be.

5 – Volume Gallery.

best design galleries to visit in the USA 5

Another gallery that focus on American design but by the influence of the event-based gallery and emerging contemporary designers.

The Volume Gallery releases a lot of information about the work of American designers to regional, national and international audiences. It asks questions and trays to answer on them. It is a exquisite place that shows the role of a designer and a American who wants to work in this environment.

Give us your opinion about these galleries and inform us about your preferences to publish here in a second part about galleries.

Via New York Design Agenda