Time is everything, right? But, we think that space is also important, don’t you agree?
Well, do you have a small space and you want to make it look bigger? Don’t worry. We have the solution for you… Here are best design tricks to make the most of a small room. You’ll be delighted with this tips and pics.

Interesting Pieces.
You can take the focus off the architecture and beam it on an stunning object like a gorgeous portrait or wallpaper, or even a great piece of furniture.

map-wall-decor-wallpaper copy

Go Pattern and Bold.
A patterned wallpaper can accentuate the intimacy. Also, the interior design Sara Bengur recommends: “I’d make a composition of small-scale paintings and pictures, placing them unpredictably and irregularly to engage more playfully with scale.”

paradiso-wallpaper-nina-campbell-home-decor-ideas copy

Mirrors everywhere.
Mirror the opposite wall from the source of light — whether it be a door or a window. It will reflects the light throughout the whole room. You can do it by sections if you have a high ceiling or in one section, just replace every inch where it would be paint.


Kitchen Shelves.
Get rid off stuff: you can have a set of dishes for all the occasions or one set of glasses. If you have a narrow kitchen, have as few upper cabinets as possible, it will open the space and more light will come in.


Continuous Color.
A soft, light color running throughout a small house fades away to let the focus remain on the sweeping views outside the living room windows.

Tara-Seawright-Whimsical-Decor_1 copy

Wall Decor.
Start with one large mirror in the center, then arrange a grouping on one wall. You can have a gorgeous, motley collection of mirrors — antique, new, vintage, French, Italian. It’s up to you.

yaaaaaaa copy

Matching Fabrics.
Do the whole room in the same fabric: walls, curtains, upholstery, etc. Whether it’s a leopard print or a toile. One print all over the place enlarges a small space, makes it feel cohesive.

bedrooms-white-classical-decoration-for-small-bedroom-with-the-bohemian-style-hanging-lamp-design-and-decorating-ideas-for-small-bedroom copy

Uncluttered spaces.
Once again, get rid of stuff. Live only with what you love and use daily.

Chicago-Interior-Design-luxury-Kara-Mann-living-room-white-gray copy