Is there anything cooler than an industrial kitchen? We guess not!

We know how much you love when we talk about industrial design, so today we are here to give you what you want! The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house and sometimes we don’t talk enough about it. Get ready to know how to rock an amazing vintage industrial style kitchen in your loft!


If there is one style that celebrates humility, practicality, and affordability, then it is surely the industrial style. What started out as an efficient work environment several decades ago soon morphed into a distinct style that made its way slowly from functional loft-style homes to expansive villas and contemporary penthouses.

Cutting across generations, it is a trend that never seems to die down! And there are few places in the house which revel in the beauty and unassuming ease of the industrial style as much as the kitchen.

If you have not already given it a shot, 2018 is a great time to shift over to an industrial kitchen. And we have an amazing collection of 5 industrial kitchens to inspire you along the way. While some blends contemporary aesthetics with industrial elements, others stick to the classic, loft-inspired design. Get your metal spoon ready and explore!

How Floor And Walls Are Supposed To Be

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted

Industrial style is all about raw textural beauty at its diverse best. In simpler terms, think brick, tiled and even concrete walls while planning for the industrial kitchen.

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 2

Brick walls obviously are a favorite among homeowners and currently lead the pack, but do not forget the value of exposed steel surfaces and the right flooring, which elevate the kitchen to a whole new level. Give the space an industrial but also vintage style vibe.

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 3

From wooden floors with chevron and herringbone patterns to dark, painted flooring that gives the industrial kitchen a truly ‘vintage’ look, the options are endless. Throw in a beautiful subway tiled backsplash and some open shelves, and you have a captivating kitchen.

RoCk A bEaUtIfUl KiTcHeN iSlAnD

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 4 Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 5


Have you ever looked at a truly exceptional industrial style kitchen and wondered how the homeowner put together such a unique vintage mesmerizing space? Picking the right decor and accessories that fit in with the style goes a long way in getting the job done.

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 6

But beyond the obvious, it is all about giving your kitchen a distinct personality that reflects your own taste, instead of going down the generic path. Bring in bold items, DIY pendants and chairs, a smart kitchen island, custom shelves and cabinets crafted from old scrap that is collecting dust in the yard or some wonderful flea market finds to usher in this aura of exclusivity.

Featuring Modern Into The Industrial Space

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 7

For some, embracing the industrial look is all about finding a balance between modern refinement and edgy overtones that the style delivers. This curated fusion between both styles works absolutely beautifully, and you can tone up or down the level of raw, industrial beauty that you want in the kitchen by just adding or removing a few decor pieces over time.

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 8

A chic industrial kitchen has a certain sense of inviting softness, is more open to glossy, posh cabinets and worktops, and relies heavily on lighting, the ceiling and the walls around it to deliver an industrial flavor.

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 9

Gray is a great color choice for the chic industrial kitchen as it combines the steely grit of the industrial style with contemporary sophistication. You can easily find that perfect balance between the modern and the industrial.

Small Kitchen Makeover

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 10

The essential ideas we want you to get is: it doesn’t matter the size of the kitchen, you can style it anyway! We don’t know exactly why but there is a perception that the style fails in smaller kitchens. This is completely untrue, as efficiency, frugality, and ergonomics are the defining factors of the industrial style, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 11

Pot racks that allow you to hang all your dishes and kitchenware with ease, shelves that tuck away the unnecessary, and countertops that can take plenty of wear and come together to deliver a useful small kitchen that is well and truly industrial in its appeal.

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 12

Since open plan living areas are quickly becoming the norm, a small industrial kitchen in the corner not only adds a sense of intrigue but allows you to demarcate spaces easily without worrying about area rugs and false ceilings! Add a few pops of color, some natural greenery and let in plenty of natural light to give it a more airy, cheerful vibe.

Shelves Are The New Life Saviors

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 13 Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 14

Open shelving and lots of it: all that we need! This is another great way of bringing industrial beauty to your kitchen while expanding the available shelf space. This is not only valid for your kitchen, but also for other parts of your interior design.

Industrial Design The Kitchen You Ever Wanted 15

But do not forget about the innate sense of rawness that these shelves need to exude, and if you have a kitchen that is already modern, floating shelves in raw wood or stainless steel offer the necessary contrast. Industrial style kitchen shelving allows you to make complete use of the vertical space on offer, along with the use of vintage pot racks and standalone cabinets that maximize available room in even the tiniest kitchen.


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