Do you know how to make an industrial kitchen?

At this post, we will put you on a test. Do you really know everything about the industrial kitchen style? Are au courant the best tendencies the interior design sphere present us every month? We will help you with all this so you can impress everyone with some fantastic ideas!

Your perfect guide to industrial kitchen

image © Meddios Design

1.Kitchen decoration –  Most of the industrial kitchen around are built with this typical vintage style suspension lamps! Three similar lights alongside the balcony  with 3 stools next to each other aswell.

Your perfect guide to industrial kitchen

image © Bendut

2. Kitchen design – So bright, so clean! If you prefer something more comfortable and with contemporary verdant, there are so many good ideas here, such as the predominance of the white colour and the retro abajur style lighting fixtures.

Your perfect guide to industrial kitchen

image © Lappfind

our perfect guide to industrial kitchen

3. Kitchen ideas – The same logic as the first image but with some other fancy ideas! Small accessories like the wheel and the balcony resembling a truck container are simply fantastic.

Your perfect guide to industrial kitchen

image © Sfc Belgium

4. Kitchen lighting – For all the metal finishes lovers out there, this is the kind of lamps you might be looking for! There is a harmony of styles and finishes that creates a spectacular a worthy kitchen.

Your perfect guide to industrial kitchen

image © FeedMyMind

5. Industrial design decor – It is all about recycling and getting the best of the materials you have at your disposal! Put your creative in a test, who knows if you can create something unique using something is forgotten.

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