.exnovo, pioneers in their use of 3D printing when it comes to lighting, launched the Maggiolina lamp, by Alessandro Zambelli, at this year’s Maison et Objet.

Zambelli took a look at science mixed with fantasy and drew from the surreal-like nature of metamorphosis. Much like the transformation in Franz Kafka’s novella, The Metamorphosis, Zambelli’s idea transforms from a beetle into a playful lamp.

MAGGIOLINA-Lamp-Alessandro-Zambelli-exnovo-1 copy
Maggiolina is a metamorphosis that is inspired by the incredible world of entomology. It is a curious subject, but one that boasts an illustrious precedent: it was in fact Kafka who talked about how one could wake up transformed into an insect.

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MAGGIOLINA-Lamp-Alessandro-Zambelli-exnovo-2 copy
The beetle that becomes a lamp. Here then in the rounded and compact shape of the sintered nylon diffuser we perceive the delicate armour of the elytra, which reveals the light source within.
MAGGIOLINA-Lamp-Alessandro-Zambelli-exnovo-3 copy
The visual play continues and suggests, in the crafted ceramic base too, new parts and comparisons.
MAGGIOLINA-Lamp-Alessandro-Zambelli-exnovo-4 copy MAGGIOLINA-Lamp-Alessandro-Zambelli-exnovo-5 copy
The materials (shade \ structure) are laser sintered polyamide \ ceramic and the colours are in white, marsala, teal and mustard.

via: Design Milk

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