MM01 – A Sound of Design! MM01 frontal fondo

Industrial one’s! Are you there?

Tell me .. Do you love music?
Yes! Obcourse you do. Who doesn’t.. 🙂

We know that nothing beats live music, but its not always possible to ear it live, unfortunately. No worry’s! Take a look at the MM01 (MobMargules01):

MM01-2  MM01 – A Sound of Design! MM01 perspectiva fondo 2 1024x682 copy
Mexico-based furniture and interior design studio mob partnered up with Margules, a studio that designs high-end audio equipment, to meet the needs of audiophiles and pleasing the design lovers. MM01-6  MM01 – A Sound of Design! mm01 detalle 03 1024x682 copy
The bluetooth sound system has all the bells and whistles you need, including two RCA inputs, meaning you can plug in many devices, even a turntable! For those audiophiles who also love records, the MM01 has a marble shelf with turned brass spikes that can support a turntable and play vinyl.
MM01-3  MM01 – A Sound of Design! MM01 lateral fondo 682x1024 copy
MM01 can be mounted or remain freestanding, and is made of solid veneered walnut.

This piece, inspired by the old consoles that integrated sound systems and furniture design, takes this concept fusing industrial design with high end audio amplifiers.MM01-7  MM01 – A Sound of Design! mm01 detalle 02 1024x682 copy
Delightfull Catalogue  MM01 – A Sound of Design! hhhhMM01-5  MM01 – A Sound of Design! MM01 detalle fondo 682x1024 copy
Take a look at this video to see the process of manufacturing of the astonishing MM01!

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