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If you are a fan of trilogies, time travelling and vintage taste you found the right place! When you feel like you’re missing something in your life just remember that everything feels a bit lighter when you have iconic movies and inspiration around. That’s why today I chose this homage to the fantastic time travelling trilogy of all time: the new VW bus camper that pays tribute to Back to the Future!

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The New VW Bus Camper Bringing a Glam of the Past! 1

When talking about something as important as some of our favourite classic movies we need to get to the bottom of things. Even though some things just fit perfectly into our daily lives sometimes a bit of freshening up just goes well. So, we took care of your daily vintage inspiration and got this beautiful homage.

The New VW Bus Camper Bringing a Glam of the Past! 2

The 1967 Volkswagen Bus by Velocity Motor Cars is actually for sale! Inspired by the iconic movies that inspired a generation this Vanagon was tailor-made to fit the craving that the fans were feeling.

The New VW Bus Camper Bringing a Glam of the Past! 6

A perfect homage to someone that inspired so many nowadays, this would be the perfect. As Doc Emmett Brown says “The way I see it if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some *style?*”

The New VW Bus Camper Bringing a Glam of the Past! 4

And style it is! With a retro colour palette, the yellow and bright orange just fit perfectly into the whole van creating like this a perfect movie prop – that actually works in real life! – and as a surprise, the rear seats actually provide a beautiful screen to watch movies in. The vintage inspired style van brings to life all our dream of having a time travelling machine!

The New VW Bus Camper Bringing a Glam of the Past! 3

The side doors open up to a passenger seat area that’s completed with comfortable, stylish retro sofas and chairs. The style is complete with the FLux capacitor being one of the elements of surprise of the van.

The New VW Bus Camper Bringing a Glam of the Past! 5

The exterior of the van was painted with a muted grey to revive the vintage style and to get the maximum of the whole aura of the movie. The vintage industrial style of the whole van transports us to a unique world where we can literally fly in time. – Got the pun? Leave your suggestions! – this Volkswagen vintage van will certainly make the delight of its future owner.

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