trendsetter vintage light fixtures for your attic

We at Vintage Industrial Style blog are very happy to share the best content with our readers! You are special to us so we care to share the last trend on daily basis in the interior design market! The attic is a special area of the house due to the limitation in terms of space, access and daylight. Don’t worry anything is impossible if you have a creative mind – all the design lovers build up something they love! Light fixtures are a pinpoint detail for the attic so we are focused on giving you some examples how you can control this obstacle and don’t create a dark and gloomy ambience.


Trendsetter vintage light fixtures for your attic

image © Lammelwolf

1.Attic Design – Which type of attic do you have? It is very important to know the structure of the house or commercial building you are dealing with, so you can start constructing an image in your head of a pleasant place. In this example, the interior designer built something extraordinary using a fantastic artwork in wooden details taking advantage of the wonderful view with the spread windows. As the daylight is spread trough the windows a simple vintage abajur is enough to enlight the entire setting. Image falling asleep on a rainy winter night in this bedroom.

trendsetter vintage light fixtures for your attic

image © Kaiwayuwu

2. Attic renovation – If you prefer something minimalistic, easy to clean with simple details this might be a good example of taking benefit from a space that sometimes is forgotten and just used to store old things. Ceiling lights are enough supported by strategically placed led lights on the walls.

rendsetter vintage light fixtures for your attic

image © Yuyek

3. Unique vintage lighting fixtures – When you have a well-made illustration of the local, it is easier to make a profit of the attic, don’t forget also to make it into a funnier! Give a reason for persons to use the attic stairs and enter a new world. Have a look at those original small table lamps resembling coloured dragon eggs! How cool is that?

trendsetter vintage light fixtures for your attic

image © Loversiq

4. Lighting ideas – Turning the twist to offices! Yes, offices! For those that prefer privacy allied storage place this is the perfect spot! Small table lamps and ceiling lamps are the best items not forgetting you should place your laptop or reading chair near a window.

Trendsetter vintage light fixtures for your attic

image © IdeaMagz

5. Comfortable ceiling – Summerhouse style with a wood structure! Low painted in white or other soft colours to give a calm sense to this resting place. Use some table lamps during the night so you can avoid placing ceiling lights that could mess with the place arrangement.

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