What is an antique lamp? I personally like the generalized definition wich states that it is a lamp wich is from a bygone area. This places the term outside the legal arena and into a subjective personal usage wich is where we commonly incur the term…

Lighting in the home is becoming increasingly popular because of many external factors, mainly the recession.  A shortage of disposable income means that more and more, people are choosing to stay at home.  Therefore their attention turns to making their home nice and cosy and the correct lighting can achieve this.  With this in mind, let’s take a look at the lighting trends which will shape 2013.

Energy efficient lighting

It’s impossible to not to mention that one of the key trends in home lighting in 2013 will be upgrading fixtures to those which save energy. The solution to this is the much coveted LED lighting, as this lowers indoor energy consumption, quite significantly.