Quarantine is making us discover ourselves: our deepest wishes, our main needs, and also new habits, passions and hobbies are emerging. DIY Home Projects have been an escape to face these stressful times we’re facing, and we believe that these Wall Décor Inspirations will give you some ideas to make a change in your home décor

We’ve been through rough times, and staying at home sometimes is not easy. You have to challenge yourself and do different things, and changing your home décor should be on the top of that list. You’re probably that person that was always talking about the lack of time to do different things, so this is the right opportunity! Take the best advantage of this difficult period and transform it into something inspiracional!

Changing the color or adding accessories to your walls must be the easiest and cheapest ways to cause a dramatic change in your décor. The best part is, if you don’t like it, you can always change to something different. It’s also the easiest way to keep yourself updated with the latest design trends. Instagram and Pinterest are probably th main social networks people use to get inspired. Vintage Industrial Style Blog has been searching the top wall décors on Instagram and we have selected the 7 we thing you should mimic! Check out!


Minimalistic design and Scandinvian style are very trendy this year – it’s all about clean lines, neutral color palettes and small detailed accessories, however too many white walls can turn your home décor sterile and boring.

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“But filling up walls can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you have a lot of empty space to cover. Instead, consider DIY-ing eye-catching wall art that is not only visually interesting but affordable and easy too!”, My domaine.

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Artwork. One of the hardest decor items to choose for those of us who are not art curators, artists or gallery owners. The reason it is more difficult than any other decor items because with home decor there are rules that we can obey such as investing in neutral flooring, decorating in odd numbers etc. With art, I have learned it has to come from the heart without any formula. Art allows you to express yourself through color, texture and content. Who doesn’t love a statement piece in their house that result in guests discussing it over a nice dinner? . The art piece above our guest bedroom was chosen to balancing the soft round roses all over design with black sharp abstract lines. Visually the black abstract lines add masculinity to a room that has feminine touches. . What factors made you choose your last art piece? . . . . . . . #abstractart #abstractpainting #abstractexpressionism #homesofinstagram #sodomino #colormadetheroom #bhghome #apartmenttherapy #inmydomaine #designsponge #simplystyleyourspace #finditstyleit #popofcolor #interiorinspo #pocketofmyhome #colourmyhome #iny32720l #decoracion #mythriftydiy #decoracioninteriores #wallart #stencilart #stayhome #stenciltribe

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We are aware that wallpapers can have a high cost, so we believe that stenciled walls can be the easiest and cheapest way to get this bedroom look from Design Palybook! It was painted to create an ink floral pattern that is definitely doing a change in the corse of this bedroom décor, adding contrast and depth to the space.


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You want to know what I really love in a home? Personality. I think that is what draws me to home design in the first place. Just like no two people are alike, neither should our homes be. It’s so fun to see your/your families personality shine. I love to see how others incorporate their interests, hobbies or collections. One thing I’ve wanted to do for awhile but just didn’t have the wall space was a travel wall. I love to collect prints from our travels or find them after the fact on Etsy. It’s a super fun (and colorful) way to document trips and memories we’ve made together. The most recent print to the collection is my Edinburgh print from @lucylovesthis. You guys must check her out! I seriously want to go to all the places she has prints for just to add more from her shop. ❤️ I hope this inspires you to make your house your home by filling it with the things you love, the collections that inspire you and create the home that evokes comfort. ❤️ . . . #travelwall #personalityshinesthrough #yourhome #ispyraddesign #lucylovesthis #travel #wanderlust #travelmore #familyvacation #travelprints #riflepaperco #showandtelldecor #carlyloveslove #interioryesplz

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We know that this situation is not going to last forever, so this is the perfect time for your to start planning your next trip! We never lied that we’re great fans of gallery walls, and this one is just on point! Print pictures of previous vacations, or display hanging art prints inspired by travels!


We’re facing times never faced before, but there are old habits that we can keep: online shopping! DeligthFULL is a mid-century lighting brand with an online shop working 24/7. All the pieces are handmade in brass by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to continue elevating design and crafstmanship. The brand has amazing sales on the Floor Samples Lighting section, so check out here!


Wallpapering a room has its pros and cons, but when using the proper one, it’s impossible to say no! This Palm Springs inspired décor is making us travel in space without leaving the house! And it’s also a way to challenge your DIY skills! 


“This idea is on the more advanced side of the spectrum, but painting a mural on your wall is not just for kids’ rooms. This beautiful green mountain wall may take a little more skill than a simple checked line design, but the payoff is worth it”, My Domaine.

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Ebook Top ID Mid-Century

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