After years of stainless steel and chrome dominating as the must-have metals, the trend is swinging towards the warmer and softer shades of brass.
Decorate your home with a brass chandelier and see how to give the rooms in your home a boost with a few examples of decorating projects or products.

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120 handcrafted bubble-like shapes, by Isabel Mann
The Montpellier Chapter hotel has hanging in the conservatory a glass chandelier, made of 120 handcrafted bubble-like shapes, designed by Ggerman glassware designer Isabel Mann. Mann describes the chandelier’s burnished brass arms as ‘like branches of a blooming apple tree’. Perfectly fitting in this leafy backdrop.

Cell Tall Pendant light, by Tom Dixon
A light that mimics cellular growth which can be used in multiple, geometric configurations. Each Cell is made from layers of minutely etched, polished brass filtering light rays to throw a satisfyingly dappled glow casting intricate shadows on walls, floors and ceilings.

Lantern Helix chandelier, by Think Fabricate
This chandelier combines 14 individual Think Lanterns. This unique configuration is made of lanterns that vary in size, shape and finish to create a helix shaped composition which follows the geometry of the canopy, itself created by overlapping hexagonal forms. Perfect for a grand stair, lobby or loft-like space, this geometric composition changes from every angle as the juxtaposition of light, finish and form cast a pattern of shadows not only on each other but also the space around it.

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