You Must Have The Most Iconic Kitchen, With The Best Lighting!

Have you ever thought about having a Industrial Kitchen? If you did you should have special Lighting Ideas for her, this why we’re here. Time for 5 lighting ideas directly into your kitchen!

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Amy Suspension Lamp

5 Lighting Ideas For Your Industrial Kitchen (1)

Amy Suspension Lamp is our first tip for your industrial kitchen, with a strong presence and personality. Inspired by one of the most iconic singers and songwriters, this unique chandelier tries to embody the soul of the British legend, Amy Whinehouse. With a body handmade in brass and five aluminum shades, this mid-century modern chandelier looks exactly like it was made in the 50s.

DL New Product

Galliano Pendant Suspension Lamp

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Take a closer look to our Galliano Suspension Lamp for your vintage kitchen design, whith soft lines and great lighting it will make your room a better place! This ndustrial pendant lighting is simply one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers. With 5 tubes and with a structure tailor-made in steel, Galliano produces a unique and gorgeous lighting effect. The body is covered by gold-plated interior finish, while on the outside they were painted a matte black, which provides a unique pendant lamp.

Coltrane Suspension Lamp

5 Lighting Ideas For Your Industrial Kitchen (3)

Coltrane Suspension Lamp is the living proof of the simpler, the better and if you had identify yourself with this description, this is the one for you. Coltrane is a simple suspended ceiling light, which is handmade in steel. It features a steel cord and a magnetic disc at the top, while down below the canopy is built out of stainless steel, with a gold-plated finish. Another amazing idea for your industrial kitchen!



Ike Suspension Lamp

5 Lighting Ideas For Your Industrial Kitchen (4)

Ike Suspension Lamp must be one of the favourites, and why is that? Because of it’s clean lines and it’s versatility! Important to refer that all the lamps we’re talking about are all customized, so you can choose all colours, finishes and so on. Handmade in brass and aluminum, the glossy black finish and the copper accent deliver the perfect look. Ideal for your industrial kitchen!

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